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  • Wendy Swager’s Appointment to The Arizona Statewide Independent Living Council

    October 13th, 2015 – Governor Doug Ducey has appointed Wendy Swager to the Arizona Statewide Independent Living Council, a nonprofit organization federally mandated under the Rehabilitation Act. Members of the Council are appointed to serve by the governor and provide direction and oversight for the organization. The mission of the …Read More »
  • Press Release PCA Meeting Orlando 2015

    On October 8, 2015, Wendy L. Swager addressed 250 members at the Private Care Association Conference in Orlando, FL. Ms. Swager addressed “Regulatory Challenges of the Independent Contractor Model” — whether federal law prohibits agencies from using independent contractors and what are the liability and risk mitigation factors needed to …Read More »

Thank you all for helping

Dear Soreo Staff assigned to my mother’s care. Thank you all for helping her during her final months. May you continue to help others on their journeys as you have successfully helped her. Thanks again.

– The S Family